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Posted by on 2000 May 8 |

Bards Receive Haunting Visions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 359 Uthmor 361)

An elven woman, face partially obscured by a scarf, gestures Baresh over to her side of the bar.

"I know a lot of bards and bardesses come in here," she says with a chuckle. "Of course they do."

Her eyes lose their smile as she leans closer to him.

"Bards in the realms are seeing visions which are unsettling to say the least… One vision was seen by all bards, and the second two by one bard apiece, as far as I can tell," she says in a tone just above a whisper. "Listen to them, and pass them on to my — to singers and poets, please."

"In a cavernous stone hall, the bound figure of a woman kneels in front of a roaring fire. Obviously beaten badly, wearing the tattered remnants of a bardic blue tunic, her shoulders shake as she sobs violently in front of her captors. A skeletal figure, draped in black, sprawls indolently on a wide chair–his face obscured by shadows. A lithe black haired man strides angrily forward, causing the bardess to cringe. She winces painfully as she tries to move away from his advance."

"He gestures at her, his frustration evident as she mutely shakes her head in denial. Turning from her in obvious disgust he walks purposefully out of the room. "

"As the vision starts to fade, you find the feeling slowly returning to your limbs. Blinking rapidly as the mundane world comes back into focus, you find yourself gulping in deep breaths of fresh air as the invisible grip releases your chest. Suddenly the world goes black as a searing pain blasts through your head, fading as quickly as it comes. It dissipates along with a single word said in a guttural disembodied voice, "…sing."

"In a cavernous stone hall, an auburn haired youth stands with his head held high, his battered face giving silent testimony to his treatment. A well-dressed black haired man lounges at a long trestle table, absently spearing slices of meat with a slender dagger. Sighing in frustration, he chews thoughtfully as he motions toward the young bard to resume. "

"The lad’s lower lip trembles, and he sets his jaw determinedly. For a moment it appears as if he will refuse the command. Then a skeletal figure draped in black robes glides gracefully toward the table, slowly turning to regard the bard for a drawn-out moment. His shoulders slumping in defeat, the youth picks up his lyre with badly shaking hands and begins to play." It dissipates along with a single word said in a guttural disembodied voice, "…sing."

"In a cavernous stone hall a matronly woman sits before a mammoth stone hearth. Her youthful countenance belies the years told by her silver gilt tresses. Clothes rumpled and hair tousled, she seems none the worse for wear other than some smudges of dirt along her face. Her torn bodice bears the Bard’s Guild insignia over her heart. She regards her captors with placid blue eyes."

"Sense of carefully restrained anger emanates from a long-limbed black haired man seated across from the bardess. Elbows resting on his knees, he rubs gingerly at his temples, sighing in exasperation. He glares briefly at her, and she meets his gaze steadily, arching a delicate brow. Only a slight trembling of her hands indicates she is anything but calm."

"A wraith-like form cloaked in black robes moves silently behind the man’s chair, his face cloaked in shadows. He extends a bony hand toward her, with a half-mocking bow of his head. Taking a deep breath as she gathers her courage, she tosses her tangled hair over her shoulder and rises with all the grace of her station. Her elegant mouth curves slowly in a sarcastic smile. Drawing herself up, she begins to…" It dissipates along with a single word said in a guttural disembodied voice, "…sing."

The woman ponders a moment, then orders a drink. She swallows it in a single gulp, bats her eyelashes at Baresh, and throws a few coins on the bar.

‘Keep your eyes open, and a song in your step, Baresh. And keep safe."