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Posted by on 2000 Jun 23 |


Crossing, Zoluren: 349 Dolefaren 361 Well, to be short and frank with this..we could have a problem. It has been revealed that there may potentially be betrayal happening at the highest levels.

As we have come to know, the Prince is to hold a ball within the Keep on Saturday. What else may happen, is not known. I attended a private meeting tonight and acquired a great deal of information. There may be a great deal of suprises unveiled at this ball. I hope my warning reaches the ears of Elanthia before it is too late.

The information, ye want it as bad as I want to tell. My mind is weary from all that I have been told, twas a great deal to retain. Sidhlot has been in contact with the Prince and Natashya with the ruler of Theren if my mind recalls correctly. This Saturday, we have reason to believe that some type of “alliance” of such may be made between the Prince and Lord Sorrow. May the Gods help us if we are betrayed like this.

There are three primary targets in this war: Crossing, the book, and the stones outside of Haven. Should this betrayal happen, Sorrow will no doubt be at the ball. He will have such close access to Crossing and the book as well. He’s already been seen within the room of the book…we know he has access…

Now, to put something disturbing in, this could fulfill some parts of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. There have been many speculations on this old prophecy, mayhaps now is the time it comes to pass.

“No king! No squire! No heart nor reason

Can alone unturn this darkling treason

But an army or a legion

Will find their weapons worthless lead–

‘pon an Elanthia, barren, dead.”

A darkling treason: Our very leaders have been consorting with the enemy.

“While the wise mourn, the wiser take heed,

And brace against turbulant times–

Now comes the season of discontent,

With a shadow o’er people’s minds.”

Many mourn the loss of Lissanda, some more than others. Others have began preparing for this war to come. This season of discontent with the shadow over our minds, at the time of this writing, the winter solstice is only moments away.

“War begins in an unlikely place,

Fought with precious metals and lies,

Sides are chosen, lives are staked,

With a curse the only prize.”

What could be more of an unlikely place than the very Keep of our Leaders? Precious metals and lies could be the weapons of noblemen. Sides have been chosen, a chilling thought at this betrayal.

Heed my warning well Elanthia. Turbulent times indeed. Very turbulent times. Prepare yourselves, for this may be the hardest winter to ever strike. Asketi’s ride draws near, should this ball be a disaster, we will have a great deal of problems to deal with. Seek favor with your God, for they are are our true strength in the darkest of dark hours.