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Posted by on 2000 Jun 5 |

Dwarves stand firm

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 270 Moliko 361)

The door swings open allowing the pouring rain to splash on the bar rooms floor. Grimslayer McDunic

looking like a drowned rat makes his way to the bar. Well met Baresh get me a glogg.

"What brings ya out on a day like this Grim".

Taking his long red hair braid and wringing the rain from it grim snorts. "Let me tell ya friend. I just got off guard duty at the ruined gates of stoneclan.

"Guard duty what for i mean why do ya need guards".

Looking up with tired eyes grim shrugs."With the sentinals destroyed and the forces of crossing attacking the barricade, the militia of stone clan was ordered from all provinces to return and guard the book.

Being a common soldiers myself,Uluk, Mhorvien and Prometheous among others volunteered to guard the gates while the "officers" stayed with the book.

Our fear was that Sorrow." pauses to spit "and his peons would come for the book while the forces of crossing attacked the reach, in some kind of flanking move. Thank Kertigen Sorrow was asleep and his minions were not bright enough to come after the true goal. Instead they wasted thier men in some sort of revenge." Grim downing his third Glogg Laughs."Well we stood at that gate all day strong in our resolve.

Dont get me wrong many dwarves wanted to speed off to the barricade or crossing to join in the battle and a few did, but dwarves know the meaning of duty. Lose the book and all is lost. So we waited and stood firm. Thanks to Everild the forces of crossing were able to create a breach in the barricade without the strength of our dwarven hammers.

well i am sure Sorrow was upset with his peons at thier failure". grunts and smiles "Ah to see the look his face would almost be worth my death.

Well back to training and guard duty my friend." Grim says with a grunt. Jumping down from the stool with a smile he opens the door and fades into the grayness of the rainy morning.