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Posted by on 2000 Jun 24 |

Ghost Hunter betrays HAven

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 355 Dolefaren 361)

I thought I might shed some light on last nights events for those who were not there. Last night a famous Ghost hunter named Sieta came to Haven promising to remove all of the undead from Dunshade. He had been retained by the owner of Dunshade, misspellings apart, called Faybian. His wife, Lal, and son Trendoth were also a part of this tale. Naturally seeking adventure, many Haven residents joined Sieta. Valentein and I were worried that the complete removal of undead in Dunshade would severely disable the Cleric community in the area but we were curious to see what would happen.

Trendoth, the little boy with the dog turned up missing soon after we entered Dunshade. Sieta could cast a spell that consumed undead and after taking out a few souls, the group progressed upstairs to the fiend area. This was when Trendoth dissapeared. After a little made searching throughout Dunshade, the group comtinued to the top room in fiends. The Lord and Lady were understandably very upset at the dissapearence of their son. At the top room Sieta said he could sense that the boy was in the darkness. And he stepped into a room I had never seen before though I hunt Dunshade all the time. Haven is indeed my home.

This room had a mirror in it, and after Valentien and I got Divine Radience up, we took a look at it. Touching it and such would leave you transported to the stairs at the beginning of fiends and leave you with a ton of twitching.

Once the group was all there, Sieta annouced that he could sense the boy through the mirror and was the only one that could get him. He then asked for half the Lord’s wealth, which should be sizable since he bought Dunshade for 20,000 plat, in exchange for saving their son. They agreed to pay and after many wishes of good luck and salutes, Sieta went into the mirror and called out something like, "You never see your son again, ." The group was very distressed and unorganized so I told everyone to join me. Less than 4 seconds after that call, 4 or 5 Black Death Spirits popped out.

I had spend some time reading the tomes of the lands on creatures, and Black DS are pretty uncommen. They carry Katamba crossbows and are rumored to have Light Crossbow skill in the 260’s. I think this is a bit of an overestimation since I survived a round. The DS immediately shot up all the Clerics in the room. After taking a glance at the room I ran taking most of the adventurers with me. I had four bleeders and was not in good shape. Valentien was also hurt and told me that the DS picked their targets carefully. After a quick warning about the skills of the monsters I disbanded the group to seek healing. I stumbled upon the Lord and Lady as the husband said they should leave. Earlier they had not wanted to be led but by that point I guess the decided to trust me. I grabbed em both and ran to Haven proper.

Foxi was there and healed me up but it took a little time as I was missing 4 limbs I think. And a chest. While I was regaining my strength the owners of Dunshade left. I think this was the last they were seen for the night. Once healed, I ran back to Dunshade and helped rid the manor of the evil. Daython and Hathorne were particularly strong in routing the monsters.

What this portends? What is to come? I don’t know but Dunshade is certainly a place to keep an eye on.