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Posted by on 2000 May 2 |

If all things are connected

(Crossing, Zoluren: Shorka 361)

Baresh hears the door open and as he turns around to tell the patron to close it before te snow covers it all he hears the door been slammed shut and a dwarf dressed in Hunting Leathers and with a charm hanging from his thick neck with the Barbarian Guild emblem. The dwarf removes a leather mask and stows it in a journey pack. A bald head and a long braided beard reveal themselves.

"Heyas Solrac. Let me guess… a spiced rum?" Baresh teasingly asks.

"You must have some moonie blood in you, Baresh!" Solrac says as he playfully grunts at Baresh. " Make it big… I am trying to think… and sometimes the warm stupor of a few spiced rum shots helps…"

"A thinking barbarian… Next thing I hear there will be Paladins aiding and abetting thieves commit highway thievery …" Baresh jokes.

"Well there has been something of that but I am thinking other thoughts tonight." Solrac interrupts.

Solrac starts scratching his head, since the dwarf has no hair on the scarred dome that houses his brains, Baresh can tell there cannot be any lice, thus maybe thoughts give Solrac some kind of allergic reaction. While Baresh secretly chuckles at that image, he sees Solrac counting on his sausage like fingers… finally he seems to snap from it… he gulps the double shot of the flavored rum and looks intently at Baresh.

Solrac starts with the monotonous cadence of a faith lacking preacher.

"A famous Bard, Jose Marti said: ‘Because all things are connected, thus you cannot cut a rose without disturbing a star’. He motions Baresh to serve him another shot and continues…

"If anything like that happens in Elanthia the following things may have a connection…

1. The Ice Fest is over

2. The Shards are gone

3. The Longbow Bridge was rebuilt

4. Limited Raising in Zolurem

5. Coronation of Regent in Crossing

6. No attacks against Stone Clan

in almost a month…

Solrac scratches his head again and murmurs…

"But what is the connection?"

"I think Points 1 and 6 are connected… thus the attacks are soon to resume. I also gather that Without Shards and Limited Raising the losses during the next Attacks at Stone Clan will be staggering and frightening. And it seems clear that the Reconstruction of the Longbow Bridge will aid the Regent to get support to be crowned."

Worried, Solrac ponders…

"There where reasons… during some war to destroy the Longbow Bridge… Who remembers them… Would they apply again soon?"

Solrac Nabori, barbarian thinker, takes the bottle of spiced rum from Baresh hands, hands Baresh some silvers and hops down from the stool. "Got to do some more thinking Baresh, thus I will take the counsel home." Solrac grunts mockingly at Baresh as he leaves the tavern and leaves Baresh doing some thinking on his own.