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Posted by on 2000 Jun 11 |

Lasarhhtha vs. The Council

(Crossing, Zoluren: 303 Skullcleaver 361)

A S’kra with slitted gold eyes and white scales enters the bar and sits uncomfortably on a stool. He wears a grey leather reagents pouch embroidered with various alchemical sigils, a pair of loose canvas trousers with tattered cuffs and a tattered black backpack stitched with the emblem of the Shard Traders’ guild.

"Viper’s Venom," he requests and pays in advance. Taking a sip of his yellow liquor, the Mur’s tail undilates passively. He sighs and looks up at Baresh. "I’m a dead man," he states bluntly. Baresh looks alarmed and the S’kra continues.

"Today Bone Dancer Lasarhhtha came to the Moon Mage Guild. A group of us helped him get in, to the chagrin of a few. We helped him sneak past the Y’Shai guardians, and into the Council Chamber." Baresh is now leaning over the bar with a look of fascination. The S’kra Mur man smiles briefly.

"Once into the chamber, my lord Lasarhhtha–" a look from Baresh causes him to pause. "Yes, he is my lord. I am a Dragon Priest. Anyhow, my lord found that the wall was weak at one point, and I hit my scimitar upon it, as did others with thier weapons, breaking it down. We went through." He sips at his Venom and it almost appears the story is over, but he continues in time.

"Through fields of death spirits did we travel. In sewers and tunnels. At one point the whole group, minus myself and my lord, went ahead. Lasarhhtha was tired, and I stayed with him. It is a moment I shall cherish for a long time, talking to the Bone Dancer with no prying ears about… but I digress. We eventually found a buried mansion, and more obsticles to break through, which we did."

"Lasarhhtha found several spell scrolls, but did not tell us what was on them. He promised us secrets, and we followed. I lost the group when I was attacked by a pack of death spirits, though, and by the time I had rejoined them, Lasarhhtha had gone, chased away by Stavros."

"In the room where he had left there was a Y’Shai soldier that had been crushed by an apparent avalance long ago, with nothing but his bloodstained cambrinth alloy glove visable. It was then that Stavros told us that we were all to be reported to the Council for our heresy and treason."

The S’kra frowns with a quiver and glances about at his surroundings. "I fear that I will take the worst punishment of all. I told him that I hoped the Council found their tomb with that unlucky Y’Shai we discovered." He paused to finish his drink in one gulp. "Regardless, when the Council hears of this, the Y’Shai will hunt everyone that journeyed with the Bone Dancer that day. None of us shall be safe."

The white scaled S’kra turned and left without a word, looking around nervously with each careful step.