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Posted by on 2000 May 10 |

Movers In the Auction Room

(Crossing, Zoluren: 174 Uthmor 361)

A tall, green Gortog stams the bar door open, clasping a large sword in his hand. He inspects the bar and its patrons carefully, and turns to say, "Okies boss. It all clears."

Striding confidently past the Gortog, a Elothean of medium height and approachs the bar. "A white wine spritzer, if you will."

Barash quickly prepares the spritzer and presents it.

The Elothean pulls from a pouch on his hip a large blue tourmaline and places it on the bar. "That should do it."

Barash looks at the gem and back up at the Elothean. "Say.. aren’t you that gem selling trader… Landeus, I believe?"

"At your service," he says as he bows slightly.

Barash looks down and notices Landeus’s hand is shaking. "Are you well, Landeus?"

"Yes, just a bit shaken, nothing more."

Barash leans in closer. "What is it that has you shaking so?" (points down indicating the shaking hand)

Landeus look up witha start and whispers, "Movers."


"Shhh. Yes. Movers. At the Trader’s Guild."

"The Trader’s Guild?"

"Yes. I didn’t stutter. The Trader’s Guild. I was sitting there relaxing upstairs when I heard this clattering downstairs. I went down there and there were about ten movers downstairs."

"Oh my goodness. The Trader’s Guild isn’t closing or moving is it?"

"By Kertigen, no! Come now. These movers were moving things in, not out. Apparently Imaar has plans for the Auction Room downstairs. So you see..?? Progress, my good man, progress!

Thank you for this wonderful drink, but I must be on my way. Many plans.. Many plans indeed."

With that, he motions to the tall Gortog. The Gortog leaps forward, opens the door, and peers outside carfefully. Then he turns to Landeus and motions. With that, they both leave.