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Posted by on 2000 Apr 11 |

Pirates swarm Dwarves

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 57 Ka’len 361)

I climb up the stool at the bar. Being short for a dwarf i settle myself in to rest my bones and order an ale. Baresh comes over and sees my condition and ask how i came to be in such a state.

"The dwarves have made another attack on the pirates!" I shouted with some pride. I then went on to tell him what I remembered of the battle.

The dwarves left Stone Clan with the plan of taking the battle to the Pirates again. With shouts and boasting we were lead by Hegemonic to the dock in Haven. At the time i had no idea what was in store for us. Climbing aboard the ship to asery we found it crawling with pirates. There were 16 to 20 dwarves in our party so we quickly dispatched them. This however was nothing to what was about to happen.

The pirates must have known we were coming because once we hit open water they were apon us like hungry wolves in winter. I was stationed on the main deck as our ship catapults fired sending stone into the pirate ship and the water around it. The pirates pulled along side as we hurryed to reload. Grappling hooks shot out and the pirates hauled the ships together. They boarded in mass screaming cutlass in hand. I had time enough to see my friend Solrac load a bladder in the catapult. It must have made a direct hit on the pirate ship because it rigging was soon burning, lighting up the carnage around us all.

The Dwarven warriors skilled with sword, bow and hammer made quick work of the first wave. However wave after wave crossed the rail. Dwarves began to be swarmed over by three and sometimes four pirates attacking each fearless dwarven warrior. I climbed the stairs after killing three and hitting a countless number in the crush. I found my self alone facing three pirates with two more swinging from the burning rigging to board us. Too many i thought and began to make my way to the stairs. I was cut off and had to parry and evade for my life. A group of 4 dwarves including the brave Worrclan, Perre and Solrac came to my rescue. I could see Warriors dropping all around me, one after another we were swarmed under.

I dont know how because my skills are not up to the standards of warriors like Galahant or Hegemonic but i found that i still lived and stood next to them on the main deck my mace filled with gore from nine kills. I looked around all the bodies of my dwarven cousins where pulled below decks to be tended to by the ever kind shimmermist.

Five dwarves including myself stood alone when the next wave of pirates came screaming across the deck. My memory fades here somewhat. first there was two then three on me when i took a blow to one arm then the other. I swung my mace with wild abandon. There was pain all over my body untill my chest screamed as my ribs caved in around my heart.

Thanks to the dwarven empaths and clerics whos faith and nobility is beyond measure, i am here to tell you this tail. Even though days later my bones ache thank the gods for ale and burning pirate ships. The dwarves can long remember thier brave battle with the vengeful Pirate queen.

" keep um coming Baresh"