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Posted by on 2000 Jun 6 |

Poisonous Herbs Distributed in Crossings

(Crossing, Zoluren: 275 Skullcleaver 361)

Late this evening I witnessed an elderly Halfling by the name of Goodlie come into the Town Green. She talked for awhile about a wonderous new herb she had been givin, which supposedly healed ALL scars. Nobody paid her much attention at first. Finally I noticed what she was talking about, and that she was also the first elderly halfling I had seen. She told us that this nice Toggish fellow named Dynshek had given her a plain herb. On the binding of the herb bundle was written "Medicinal". She told us that the Tog, Dynshek, had told her that it was a miracle herb which healed all scars. She then ate a bite of it… and said she felt very good. About twenty seconds she started to look bad, then her eyes glazed over and she fell down poisoned! Luckily there was an Empath watching which made short work of the poison… but it was still a poison which she had never seen.

I decided to follow up on this and went looking for Dynshek. I finally found him outside the Northeastern Gate of The Crossing. He was talking about his wonderful herb and bragging about its uses. He was talking with an Empath named Gentleness and her husband, Rollo. Rollo apparently had suffered an old war injury which left him paralyzed for hours on end. Gentleness was of course looking for a cure for her beloved. They got a sample of the herb. I didn’t think much about them, and went after Dynshek who had run away.

Later I returned to the Town Green, and once again found Gentleness and Rollo. They were both talking about their herb. Eventually Rollo tried his. He felt good for awhile, and eventually fell over as did Goodlie. Gentleness, after many warnings from me, still tried the herb… and of course, the same results. I haven’t seen either of them again.

About four days later I saw Dynshek again. I chased him down and eventually was led to a Thief named Toren. Together we tracked down Dynshek. I cornered him in Tamsine’s Rest. We talked for about an hour and I learned much. Seems Dynshek was working for an Islander named Thiernar. Thiernar had given him these herbs, telling Dynshek that they were medicinal and should be distributed to everybody. Dynshek also mentioned that he had tried these herbs, and had not been affected. He also said Thiernar had giving him a drink to wash it down, cure maybe?

After my meeting with Dynshek, I went back to find Toren. We talked for awhile longer and he led me onto some ideas… perhaps Thiernar is working for Sorrow? Perhaps his herbs are but a plot to weaken The Crossing for attack? If anybody finds out anything else, please let me know.