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Posted by on 2000 Jun 12 |

Seeking Recruits for Riverhaven Defense

(The Provinces: 305 Skullcleaver 361)

We all know that Sorrow’s overall goals do not have the best interests of Elanthia at heart. Most of us also know that his means to achieving his vile ends are heavily reliant upon the Zaul Fung Stones and the powers they possess.

Nonetheless, defense for the Stones and the nearby city of Riverhaven have not been set up as of yet… progress is being made upon this, but the number of recruits willing to offer their blades to the defense of Riverhaven and the Stones is small (not to discourage those who have already offered their services… they are forever in my esteem). The main reason for this, in both my and Daython’s opinion, has been that most people do not truly understand the threat posed to us all by the Stones.

I am not trying to lay blame at anyone’s feet here. I am simply trying to communicate a request. We need help.

It is Daython’s belief that Sorrow will send a distractionary force against Riverhaven, intent on demolishing the city and/or distracting all those who could keep him from working his magiks upon the Stones. I myself am under the belief that Sorrow may also attack a more distant city, relying upon our own mass-sense of humanity to go and save whatever town he sacks… for this reason I think a mobile defensive force is in order… alas, I stray from my purpose here.

We believe that Riverhaven will be attacked… Sorrow will moon gate his forces into Haven, bypassing the defensive walls, and essentially it will be up to us to decide whether to stop the invaders and protect the Stones, or to let them have the Stones (an even greater evil) to save the innocents in Haven.

Yet this cruel decision is not our only option… if we plan beforehand and organize before it is vital, before Sorrow has sent his armies, or announced his intentions, then we can divide and remain unconquered (since dividing and conquering is much harder to do when your enemies seperated for a purpose). If we are disorganized beforehand, then Riverhaven will fall and we will lose the Stones to Sorrow.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of preserving the Stones… It is too great a risk to hope that Sorrow cannot work them without Lissanda or the Book… certainly the Book needs to be protected, but more important are the Standing Stones, for it is assured that if Sorrow is unable to get the Book, he will find another way…. and if Sorrow unleashes the power of the Stones, then all of Elanthia is in mortal danger.

I have found that a good number of people are not even aware of the risk they face… many believe Sorrow’s main attack will be against the city of Crossings… but why would he attack there, when he knows that that is where all the defenders lie in wait, and when it holds little tactical importance to him in his quest for the Zaul Fung?

Other people do not even know what the Zaul Fung Stones are… But I am sure that anyone reading this has a good knowledge of what Sorrow’s goals are and the risk he presents, so I will skip over that.

So, what we need, as I said earlier, is help. We need recruits – warriors, empaths, clerics, draggers… whatever you can provide. Some folk have said to Daython (while he was delivering a speech to try and get defensive actions in Riverhaven moving), "You need to find a bunch of people who are as powerful as you to fight!" That is utterly false. The weakest warrior can make himself useful in battle, especially in a defensive situation, by simply being present to add to the number soldiers (safety in numbers -> raises morale). Corpse draggers are vital to any battle; and if you think that you would only die and be more of a hinderance, remember this – the only hindering corpses are the ones that gripe.

We need help. If you are willing and confident, come to Haven. If you are unsure, contact me or Daython and we will answer your questions. If you dinnae care for our request, then that is your choice… I only pray that enough people will be of the opposite mind so that we can defend the city.

I may sometime in the future hold a meeting at the Amphitheatre in Crossings to discuss this further…

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your patience…

~Hathorne Fanellah

PS I am also travelling right now and delivering this message by word of mouth… Feel free to find me and ask me any questions you have.