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Posted by on 2000 May 17 |

Sorrow and Bardic voices

(Crossing, Zoluren: 203 Uthmor 361)

A tall Elven woman walks into the tavern, looking nervous and a bit preoccupied. She tosses a few bronze coins on the counter and orders a glass of spiced rum.

She addresses Baresh, "You have heard about the visions that many bards have had?" Baresh nods. "Well, they are coming to pass. One of my fellow bards was kidnapped yesterday by a henchman of Sorrow’s by name of Tibor, and was forced to sing, just like in the visions!"

The bardess takes a shuddering breath, and continues, "It would seem that Sorrow is looking for someone with the right voice for his plans, so all bards, beware! Current theory is that Sorrow is looking for a Bard with the power to break the seal on the book at Stone Clan. Let us all hope that he doesn’t find the right bard."

With that, the Elven woman turns around and walks out of the tavern, looking nervously over her shoulder at the slightest sound.