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Posted by on 2000 Jul 3 |

Sura’s Surprise!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 393 Nissa 361)

A parchment drifts in on a current and lands on the bar before the tender. Baresh lifts it and is about to toss it away but a mage notices and yells, "Stop! That could be a spell I’m looking for!" The wizard snatches the paper and frowns, "No, just some story…"

Baresh takes it from the man calmly, and hearing that it is a story, he begins to read…


This reporter recently saw a production of Sura’s Surprise, written by an aspiring young elf named Mendira and put on by the Theatre Company of Seraana. The play starred Solondar as the Lord Sorrow, Giona as Tigron, Domnin as Sidhlot, and Selthanos as Rordan. Ileia played the roll of Lord Sorrow’s mother, and Keia, Draconita, Flamesong, and Seraana were featured as the kidnapped Bards.

After a short interlude from Flamesong, the play began in Taelbert’s in with a comical quartet about one of the favorite Bardic traditions: drinking, ending with the four entertainers laying on their rumps outside laughing merrily. In scene two the antagonists Rordan and Tigron are introduced, and they procede to drag off out troupe of talesingers.

Back at Sorrow’s Reach in scene three, the vile Lord forced each of the bards to sing for him, and sing they did. One by one they sang their seperate songs mocking their kidnappers in a display that had the audience chorteling with glee. And likewise, one by one, Sorrow and Sidhlot shot down the songs with insults that could make a troll laugh, and then promising to kill each of them.

And finally, the play reached a hilarious pinnacle when Sorrow’s Mother enters the scene brandishing a wooden spoon and leading Sura himself around by his ear. With the fearsom Sorrow crying like a baby at the mercy of his feeble, near-sighted old mother, this reporter could not resist a cheer and a laugh. A fine performance. Five moons! And I look forward to more work from this cast in the future.

The signature at the bottem is smudged by tears of laughter.