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Posted by on 2000 Apr 8 |

Tarts from the heavens!

(Zoluren: 46 Ka’len 361)

A hearty greetings and blessing of Glythtide to ya all! Just sitting at the bar for a spell to regale a small tale that may strengthen yer faith in the Gods and remind you even though they may not answer yer prayers they do hear them..

It starts out simple enough like all things do. I’m standing talking with a few friends and notice I’m rather running low on food to share with them. When rather to my surprise and their amusement a tart falls straight from the heavens and narrowly misses my head! Please bear in mind good people I’d prayed to the Gods many times about everything from food to the rebuilding of the temple ruins but had never actually heard em answered in such a manner..

Elated to have viewed such a miracle naturally I fell to my knees praying my thanks to them for granting such a boon and proclaimed such thanks loudly enough to echo from one end of Elanthia to another. Lo and behold a shower of tarts stacked a dozen or more high falls from the heavens and lands upon I and my companions heads!

Not much more to be said to this story but to let this serve as a generous and perhaps humorous reminder that the Gods do listen and make their presence felt in the oddest of ways sometimes to those who honor them with offerings of faith and devotion.. Ya won’t hear me complaining though because food is food even when granted by the grace of the Gods smiling upon us mortals! Be well all and Gods speed in yer journey but make it speedier still if it involves good food and drink at a local tavern..