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Posted by on 2000 May 2 |

The ground shakes?

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 145 Shorka 361)

Well Baresh I saw this happen today at Zaulfung, the Standing Stones. I looked and saw:

This curiously circular clearing looks as if all its vegetation was blasted away centuries ago in an arcane duel. A pair of imposing standing stones, one grey and smooth, the other blackened and charred, face each other across the clearing. To the east and southeast are narrow gaps leading through the otherwise impenetrable scrub, while the path to the southwest is a broken tangle of exposed roots.

One could go east, southeast, or southwest.

Suddenly the ground shook and threw me to the ground!

I felt the presence of great evil.

My question to you and other patrons here, is this a normal thing? Thanks Baresh