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Posted by on 2000 Apr 12 |

The Passing of the Comet

(Crossing, Zoluren: 63 Ka’len 361)

A dark figure wrapped totally in a shadowy black cloak storms into the tavern; in his right hand you see a red chrystal shard.

Baresh recognizes him when he removes his cloak and tosses it into his haversack, and instictively pours him some harder ale. "What’s the trouble, Blakarin?"

"It’s these Void-forbidden shards!" He spouts, then attempts to calm down. "When they first appeared I cursed them for hurting my business and the Elanthian economy, now I actually start liking their convenience, and they break!"

Baresh looks startled, "It broke?"

The hefty Kaldar sighs and puts the shard on the table. "When I first got it, a quick rub of the forefinger got it to change color." He runs a hand across the length of the shard and nothing happens. "But now…" Blakarin spends several moments rubbing his red crystal shard with vigor, and finally it turns blue. "See?"

"Yes, that does look like a problem." Baresh rubbes his chin thoughtfully.

"And focusing it harder too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I tell you, the Immortals do this kind of think to annoy me." He downs his ale and pays, them leaved the tavern muttering, "First Iorweth’s death, then this…"