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Posted by on 2000 Jun 10 |

The Price of Courage

(Crossing, Zoluren: 359 Skullcleaver 361)

I do not have adequate words to do justice to what must be written of the awful events of last night.

Four days before, Lissanda was kidnapped by those awful sidekicks who have been stealing bards away to Sidhlot.

This "interview" with the Necrolord seemed different. All bards who were taken after her reported that they were being used and tortured to try to make her sing.

She sent back messages to Daython, her mate, and her family. She told the poor bards who would soon enough die, too, that she would not sing for Sidhlot.

Each time they died, she died. I was sitting near Daython as this happened. He was praying. Friends and family gathered near him, he was angry, frustrated, and ready to take some action.

Then the kidnappers came for him.

We knew this would be the hardest test of all. We prayed and hoped for each of them.

His tale is his to tell. I only know that he was there when they tortured her again. When Sadiaer and Rordan diced over who would get to do what next…

And when she died.

I was on the Green by the time her very bright star blazed a fiery path across the night’s sky.

Lissanda took the Starry Path rather than raise her voice to help those fiends, Sidhlot and Sorrow.

She was so young. She was so brave.

I will miss her. There is much to remember about this bright soul who Sidhlot killed.