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Posted by on 2000 Mar 30 |

The Wicked One

(Crossing, Zoluren: 10 Akroeg 361)

I do not have much time Baresh, so I’ll say what I have to say quickly. The visions of late have not been of Asketi but of The Wicked One. The Wicked One is or was high in the ranks in service to Asketi. Asketi has slept for many years now, and during that time, The Wicked One has grown strong.

She (The Wicked One) has turned Asketi’s own army against her. Asketi has grown weak and now has lost her army. If Asketi is overthrown, the balance between dark and light will be broken.

There is only one who can help us fight The Wicked One. He is a dwarven cleric named Zealot Valtusk. The Wicked One has already sent visions that indicate Valtusk as the Sacrifice it seeks in order to not destroy Crossing. We must not fall for The Wicked One’s deception any longer. It is not known if Asketi is awake, only that she stirs and that she has become too weak to fight The Wicked One herself.

We must not give anymore souls over the The Wicked One. We must protect Valtusk at all costs, even our own lives.

"If one of the 39 are lost, the rest will shortly follow. There can be no Hodierna without Berengaria and Asketi. We must not allow the balance to be disrupted."