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Posted by on 2000 May 19 |

To Kill a Pirate

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 211 Arhat 361)

Baresh looked up as a battered-looking Human strode into the bar, recognized the ranger, and had a mug of his best beer sitting on the bar before Delgareth managed to sit down.

"You’ve looked better," observed Baresh with a smile.

"Ya, I’d imagine. I just bumped into one of those pirates." Delgareth gulped his beer eagerly.

Baresh raised an eyebrow. "Not outside my establishment, surely."

"No, no… I was traveling, on my way from Crossing to my home in Langenfirth, and I stopped by in Riverhaven to say hello to some friends. As I was leaving again to catch the barge, I bumped headlong into a pirate, just standing on Haven’s dock."

"I notice you survived the encounter," smile Baresh.

"Ya, though by the slimmest of margins; thanks to the empath, Ohevett, who patched me up more than once, and the moon mage Meserios. I’ve never had anything against moon mages, mind you, but I’ve never really worked with any before; but this Meserios, an Elf he was, was a great partner.

"He had some difficulty raising mana, so most of the fight consisted of me plugging the pirate full of arrows– at one point he had eight or nine sticking in him– and frantically retreating. I tried to go toe to toe with him once with my blade, and fortunately Meserios was able to drag me back to Ohevett in time." Delgareth chuckled ruefully and sipped his beer.

"Eventually, Meserios was able to put the pirate to sleep, and in fact give him the coupe de grace with a telekinetic throw. He then very gallantly offered me the pirate’s treasure chest.

"Those pirates are a lot meaner than they look, good innkeep… but as long as there are willing and hardy souls like Ohevett and Meserios around, we’ll get the better of them yet!"

Tossing a handful of coins on the bar, Delgareth quaffed the rest of his beer, rose, and headed out the door with a wave.