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Posted by on 2000 May 2 |

Two discussions and some news.

(Zoluren: 139 Shorka 361)

“Ah, Baresh, I bring some news from the festival. Do you wish to hear it?”

Baresh gives a slight shrug as he continues to clean some glasses and mugs strewn about the bar.

“I have been lucky enough to hold two very interesting conversations during the recent festivaties. One with the defunct Mayoress Lindryl and another with a Councillor from Ratha who goes by the name of Zhakhh.

“The conversation with Lindryl became immediately a conflict with all the trappings of childhood including name calling and disrespect. Soon after we both calmed abit and walked to a quieter spot. We began to act much more civil.

“The jist of it was over her still going by the title of mayoress and the possibility of the new Prince ever recognizing our council as the true government of Leth Deriel.

“She said that as long as she was appointed such she would wear the title regardless of our opinion and that this present Prince was not as he appeared….’He is not as he appears,and he will never give up Leth.’, were almost her exact words.

“Some news for you to spread, Baresh. She is no longer married to Ralel but to Keirnen and is now with child. She also appears to be of mixed stock though this is the first time I have ever seen such a thing. Not quite Elven and not quite Human.

“She looked like so…This youngish-looking woman is apparently Elven, as she possesses the delicately pointed ears associated with that race; however, her short stature and curved figure don’t fit the stereotypical image of tall, slender Elves. Although the gathers of her gown don’t fully conceal her rounded stomach, her graceful hands have slender fingers.

“The conversation with Councillor Zhakhh Lisska’Vran was a very strange one. It started with her telling me about the prior Prince and his plans…

Zhakhh hisses, “Prince Belirindrick wasss on the verge of agreeing to relinquisssh command of the city.”

Zhakhh hisses, “Ssshortly before he died.”

“This is how she appeared that day…

You see Councillor Zhakhh Lisska’Vran, a S’Kra Mur Trader.

She has one dark eye and one brown eye and brown scales.

She is young for a S’Kra Mur.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a small leather herb pouch stained with some green substance, a jade-inlaid gold ru’at armlet, a q’zhalata dagger sheath hanging from a neck cord, a red sash embroidered in black thread with the Eth’ral’khh phrase “Heggarangi’n q’zha”, an ornate golden bracelet, an onyx medallion engraved with a depiction of a cliffside city, some elegant flowing gold robes, some sandals and a tailband engraved with a schooner sailing over a sea of golden coins.

“I don’t know, Baresh, something strange is going on and I pray for us ALL.”