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Posted by on 2000 May 10 |


(Crossing, Zoluren: Uthmor 361)

An elf dressed in a strangely clashing ensemble walks into the bar and plops himself down on the stool. "A pint of Ale please?"

The elf asks as he looks nervously about. "Baresh, we may be in some serious trouble. I just heard about the visions of the undead…." The elf trails off looking slightly pale.

"If it means anything I think that we’re going to need all the help we can get, those visions weren’t just of the past. Recently there was a weakening in the barrier between the undead, I was with Elder Felinda when she started feeling weak, her link with the barrier let her know that the barrier had a small hole in it. The hole itself as of now is very small, and we’re going to attempt to repair it…. but if this vision means anything I think I shall be taking extra precautions."

The elf takes a long drink of the ale and continues, "Spread the word for the people to be ready, we’ll need every hand we can get if this is going to be bad."