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Posted by on 2000 May 6 |


(Crossing, Zoluren: 158 Shorka 361)

A slightly pale young Elothean enters the Wrens Nest. He dosen’t stop to take in the other customers in the establishment, rather he heads directly toward the bar.

Once he arrives, hastily taking a seat, he motions Baresh to him. Baresh makes a motion as to get a cup for whatever the young man might want, however the Elothean gives a brief shake of the head. Once Baresh is with him he whispers in Baresh’s ear the following.

"Baresh, I was just doing my rituals to the master today when I saw something unexpected. It was in Zolerian, Crossings guild alter to be exact so I’m not sure if it is because of the act of Hodierna or perhaps Sorrows presence, but when I touched the altar in the cleric guild, this is what I saw. A horrid vision of death and destruction surrounded me. Fields were strewn with dead, bleeding bodies, maimed beyond recognition. I then saw the bodies arise… as Undead!"

"Now Baresh, I must admit I’m not the most up to date on news, so this may not be worth spreading, however if I’m the only one who has told you this, be warned."

His message being delivered with his voice never rising even a hint above a whisper, Andreius raises his eyebrow at Baresh, turns, and leaves the establishment as quickly as he came.