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Posted by on 2000 May 18 |

Why bards?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 209 Arhat 361)

Nightrose quietly enters the bar, her face a bit pale. Quickly, she orders a drink.

"Make it strong. I’m not usually a drinker, but I just thought of something, and I hope I’m wrong," she says in a low voice.

She slowly sips her drink, the strength of it making her gasp once or twice before she gets used to it. After a few more pulls, she begins to speak again, her voice low pitched.

"I have been wondering why bards? Why do Sorrow and Sidhlot want bards? Not for ordinary music, my brain tells me. But why the magic of the bards? Then I began to think of what Sorrow wants. I’ve heard he wants to break the seal on the book in stone clan with music magic. But I’m not so sure now that’s the reason."

Nightrose pauses, and half drains the glass.

"What if, just what IF he’s not looking for a way to get the Book, but a way at the World Dragon? Think about it. It can’t be controlled, except by music. MAGICAL music. And only Bards can control that music. The thought scares me."

Nightrose finishes her drink, sets the glass aside, then rises to her feet.

"I’m going home. It might just be a good time to consider moving to Aesry."