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Posted by on 2000 Oct 6 |

A strike against the Novice killers

(Crossing, Zoluren: 360 Moliko 362)

A rather unhappy bard strolls into the, glances around, and decides to sit at the bar, clearly to be closer to the refreshments.

"Baresh", Roboson mutters, "let me have something that will let me forget bout this past week.."

Baresh pours the bard a Granny’s #3 knowing how they can hold their liquor and asks, "What seems to be ailing you mate?"

Taking a gulp of the whiskey, and not even flinching, Roboson declares, "The mentality of these new adventurers just confounds me! They chose not to learn or earn a decent living, so they hunt and harass youngings, stealing their coin and worse!"

Roboson motions for another whiskey and continues his tale, "I was helpin’ a youngin’ hunt out on the west trail from the Crossing and we are targeted by a thief…"

"Now I usually let then get a few coppers if they can and let them go on there way. But this one seem to have picked us out to taunt also…"

Sighing, the bard continues his story, "He finally frustrated me enough to ask him to leave or else, but we all know how shadow chanters respond to this."

Nodding in agreement, Baresh tops the off shot glass. "And?" Baresh asks.

"So I point him out and he comes out shootin’, and runs when it bounces off me chain! Then comes back and and tries to stab at me from the shadows. Just like the coward that he is.

Roboson clenches his shot glass tightly and gulps it down. "So…I lulled him and and killed him. I did not want to do it but he force my hand. And what happens?! His ‘meaner half’ shows up casting whatever foul magics her guild uses and only succeeds to get me to drop my shield. I’ve had enough of this nonsense and fearing for the young bards safety take her back to our guild.

Baresh is taken aback by the look of anger washing across this bards face and quickly refills his glass, but still wants to hear the rest.

Continuing, Roboson snarls "Then..this wench has the nerve to confront me at my guild about her husbands death and challenges me! In me own guild!

Cheering up suddenly Roboson adds "Well Her friends didn’t have much to drag to the empaths…and they could of taken separate routes! And they haven’t been seen since. Standing, Roboson tosses some gold coins on the bar, thanks Baresh, and steps out into the cold night.