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Posted by on 2000 Aug 23 |

Another invasion strikes many of Elanthia’s best warriors down

(Crossing, Zoluren: Dolefaren 362)

‘Twas wandering around the Paladins guild and I decided to wander in. I got swept into a conversation for a while with a young Paladin when suddenly someone from the outside shouted something about Skeletons.

Unwillingly and not knowing what was happening, the Paladin grabbed my hand and drew out his longsword. Out I was dragged into the streets where many warriors were racing towards the western gate. I was expecting something minor…skeletons couldn’t be that tough, could they? Oh how wrong I was.

When I got out into the middens outside the West gate, what I saw terrified me. Skeletons covered in Seaweed, brandishing swords that glowed with an unearthly light. Immediately the Paladin, who’s name was Zaorn, rushed into battle, blind to the other more powerful warriors falling easily at the blades of the skeletons.

I tried my very best to take his wounds, but alas, he fell to the skeletons. However as I tried to drag the paladin to town and take his wounds, a skeleton came towards me, as I was suddenly trapped in a great net of seaweed. I got out, eventually, but it was too late. The last thing my eyes saw was the glistening of metal and the sound of bone hitting bone.

I closed my eyes in terror, and to my horror when I opened them, I was dead. I looked across the middens to see many other bodies, gruesomely maimed. I saw everything from headless bodies to bodies with several missing limbs. This is when I looked upon my own; I was cut right through the middle.

The gruesome Skeletal pirates got very close to the Crossing before some powerful warriors finally beat them back. Whilst lying in the Cleric’s guild waiting to be ressurected, I saw countless other bodies being dragged in.

I wonder what sparked this attack, and why they retreated so soon…