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Posted by on 2000 Aug 11 |

Attack in Leth

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 141 Shorka 362)

The door open softly as Baresh glances up to see the cloaked figure enter and head to the bar.

"Hello Baresh how have you been?"

Quickly filling a glass for his guest Baresh smiles and replies Fine Kem, fine." Sighing softly into his drink Kem suddenly looks at Baresh. "The Sana’ati Guardians were attacked during thier orders meeting to night Baresh.. Cuthroats invaded the the university at Leth and slaughtered them."

Baresh looks at him in horror. "Are you sure lad? There has never been an attack in a building in Leth before."

With a black look he responds harshly. "Of course im sure.. those people were my friends and fellow members of my order. But thats not the worst Baresh. While that was happening three of our leaders were yanked out of the hall into some private area and interrogated."

Downing the rest of his drink quickly he looks around the room. "I’d better go my friend before someone decides that this place needs invading while looking for me."

As he turns towards the door Baresh asks "How did you survive Kem?"

With a grim chuckle the response comes from the open doorway before the door shuts. "I was lucky Baresh I was delayed that night." With that final remark the door swings quietly shut just as it opened.