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Posted by on 2000 Aug 30 |

Bone Dancer opens Gate!

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 200 Arhat 362)

Well Lasarhhtha has the entire semisphere and went to Leth to open a Gate of Souls..when he does a Shadowmaster appears from the gate..

[Southern Trade Route, Zurinda’s Bale]

The air is stuffy, humid and oppressive here, as though the leaves have conspired to make a verdant canopy to contain the heat spawned by the forest’s decay and regeneration. The low humming in your ears grows louder, a chorus of katydids beating their wings in an unrelenting, blood-quickening rhythm. You feel oddly drowsy, or perhaps you are about to swoon from the unnatural warmth. You also see a crossbow bolt, a voidspawn and a gaunt shadowmaster.

The color of the space between the stars, the gaunt shadowmaster appears vaguely skeletal, displaying not only ribs but a skull-like head. Though the shadowmaster is ever-shifting and apparently incorporeal, several distinctive features stand out, such as the lack of a lower jaw and the gleaming double row of solid-looking ivory fangs. Even more prominent are the sabre-length talons it wields on the ends of its wispy, black arms.

The Shadowmaster summons Voidspawns and Sihlouette’s and they roamed up and down the STR above Leth Derial’s North gate killing many. Here is one of the critters it summoned………….

Roughly humanoid, the darkened silhouette is capped by a twisted skull of the deepest shadow. It drifts a few feet off the ground, its legs nothing more than an ebony and grey mist, but its arms are tipped with jagged-looking blades that appear all too sharp and solid.

All the creatures seems impervious to all magics, the use of blessed weapons seemed to do the trick. Upon the Shadowmasters death many silhoettes appeared and plagued the area near the gate into Leth.

The Bone Dance Lasarhhtha says he will continue to open and test the semisphere…..