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Posted by on 2000 Sep 7 |

Four Winds Song Circle!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 253 Moliko 362)

Suddenly a young human appears at the bar, slightly out of breath and panting.

"Bar–" she pauses as she catches her breath. "Baresh! I thought I’d stop in for a … lean," she grins goofily, leaning forward against the bar.

"So, anyway, I just thought I’d bring the news of the latest gathering of the Troupe of the Four Winds. I’m hosting another Song Circle this coming September 11th, by the Olde Calendar of course…" she breaks off on the thought, apparently thinking very hard by the looks of the wrinkles in her forehead.

"Its open to all guilds again… we had a great turnout last time… Oh! and we’ll be discussing the regular schedule of Circles to come. I’d like to see shining, singing faces more often than yearly!" Scanning the bar for something unseen, she dips into the pockets of her cloak for some jellybeans. Popping them in one by one, she remembers her purpose and quickly swallows.

Looking around for an audience like a good bard, she hums a few notes, then breaks into a lively melody:

"It is time once again to gather in song Invite a whole chorus to come join along We’ll share in good music and in good ale Rafters will ring with sweet tune and fine tale

You need not be bardic to join in the fest Just raise up your talent and we’ll do the rest We’ll meet at 9 Elven in the Half Pint Inn For sobbing and laughter, brandy and gin."

Curtsying quickly, she winks at Baresh and scuttles out the door, calling back, "I can be reached by messenger at or in the Bards’ Guild!"

Baresh returns to work, humming the infectious, albeit annoying, tune of the girl’s jingle.