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Posted by on 2000 Jul 14 |

Gidii Run!

(Crossing, Zoluren: Akroeg 362)

Baresh, with shaking head, sticks up a ratty piece of newspaper. One can’t quite tell what section this clipping originally came from…by the scrawled mess at the top, one presumes it was either the Local News, or Food & Wine…


‘Twas a dark and winter’s night on the West gate of Crossing…when IT happened. The quiet and peace, the stillness of the evening (minusing the occasional shout of ‘I’m BORED!’ by some of the city’s local denizens), the brisk of the air…it was all too easily shattered.

"FOOD!" came the cry out the Western Gates. And something BIG headed for us. There were crashings in the brush, in the trees. There were sounds of something large, something untellingly awful happening out there. And then they came.

Gidiis! Err. That’s not why we were stunned.

It’s what came chasing after these nervous beasts. Troll scavengers. Looking for a cookout. The hapless, stinking, bloody ugly birds came squalling into town, trampling the citizens underfoot whilst the scavengers hunted them, and us, for their fresh meat needs.

Being us, naturally, we fired back. And hit just about everything that moved. Gidiis and scavengers alike were not spared the revenge.

The Gidiis for Life movement were not impressed. Their cries of Save the Wild Gidii went unheard in the crazy crush of hungry trolls and hungry warriors. It didn’t help that many trolls made it back out the gate with enough meat to feed themselves and their kin, gidiis calling out in what would be terrible cries of sorrow…if their squawking wasn’t unbelievably gigglish. It helped even less that some warriors of the city took it upon themselves to stock their own larders with the fresh fowl.

Soon, though, the chaos faded. The remaining gidiis that didn’t get shot by one side or the other faded into the underbrush, waving little white flags. A good time was had by all, and the Birds for Lunch Foundation have a barbecue planned for the next few andu.

As for me…ask me for my Gidii on White Bread with Wine Sauce recipe.