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Posted by on 2000 Oct 3 |

Moot Was A Hoot

(Wolf Clan, Zoluren: 356 Dolefaren 362)

A very tired Rakash stumbles into the Bar. His hair is mussed, and he looks to have bite marks on his neck and a couple of claw marks down his back. Despite his rough apperance, he looks very pleased with the world.

"Coffee, black" he says, "but add a drop of that Skullcrusher you keep back there."

Baresh winces as he prepares the drink. He slides it over and says to the customer "How’d your party go last night, Orrash?"

"The Moot? It was an all out success!" The Rakash grins and sips his coffee. "We had a great group of folks turn out… Many of my brothers and sisters were there, and quite a few who were not among the Pack came out to learn more."

Baresh nods, then asks "I thought Qreyq was the man behind the Moot, why isn’t he here?"

Orrash chuckles, a broad grin breaking out on his face. "I think Qreyq’s a little under the weather right now…" Orrash nudges Baresh and continues "And you know what they say about Rangers and a free bar?"

At this Baresh laughs, and shakes his head with sympathy for the poor Ranger with a headache.

‘But it was not all Qreyq’s doing" Orrash points out. "Many folks had their hand in the shaping of the Moot. Arrys, Almresia, Rallish, and Maelaereth all pitched in on the prizes. Chandore, Sunagrad, and many others also contributed wherever they could." Orrash again grins wide. "It was a Pack wide effort, but I imagine you have better things to do than listen to me ramble."

Baresh points around the bar, indicating that he’s not too busy.

‘Well then," Orrash says. "Have you seen the Tavern Troupe’s new play? It is truly a masterwork, and they perform like no others. They gave us a showing last night at our Party Tent. If you get a chance to see it, you won’t regret it." Orrash takes a long sip of his coffee. "Those folks are the best thing to happen to Elanthia since…." Orrash gets a painful look on his face as he tries to think of something witty. "Err… since… well, in a really long time!"

Baresh chuckles, and says "Well, its time for me to get back to work… But I do have one last question for you." He leans in close and asks Orrash "How did you get those bite marks on your neck, and scratches down your back?"

Orrash rubs a dark amber earcuff, making the tiny bells on it jingle slightly. "Some news, my dear Baresh, even you have no need to know." An ear to ear grin breaks out on Orrash’s face as Baresh suddenly gets a sour expression.

"Bah!" The barkeep exclaims. "I have no more time to waste with a scoundrel like you! Finish you coffee and be off" Baresh says with mock indignation.

Orrash grins, says "Just put this on my tab," and walks out before Baresh can remind him that the Wren’s Nest offers no credit.