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Posted by on 2000 Jul 17 |

Sablina’s Soul Rides the Comet

(Crossing, Zoluren: 45 Kalen 362)

A Moon Mage Walks in the door His hood turned up so you can not see his features. "Baresh I seen one I respect Ride the Comet…Sablina The Map Maker rode the Commet last eve! I seen where she fell but Alas was not high enough in my perception to get to the DeadFall. It seemed to me I was failing one of Elanthia’s Greatest Cartographers for it was her maps that I and most everyone else in the realms use to find our way." "Well This Morning I had approached her shop cause I could have sworn I seen her to find her retired and her shop closed. It’s truly sad I seen many many people enter the path to leucros last night and not a one did I see bring her out. It was relayed to me after I made a few inquiries that she had been down for close to an hour before her Comet blazed it’s trail across the sky."

"Now I ask the Citizen of Elanthia where were we when one of our greatest assest need us most? Are we all so caught up in our own trival lives that none could see when she was struck down? I tried. I asked where were those that her maps guided when she needed them?? He throws a gold on the bar and walks out shaking his head. Baresh’s usually cheerful face grows somber and he closes his eyes to murmur a prayer.