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Posted by on 2000 Sep 15 |

Snip Snip Clip Clip..All in a Day’s Work

(Crossing, Zoluren: 282 Skullcleaver 362)

A young looking dwarf sidles up to the bar and orders a stein of stout, then looks around nervously.. He flinches unexpectantly when the barmaid jabs a fork into the steaming platter of roast boar. Noticing Barish’s questioning gaze, Tarp says in a low voice, "I have guarded many a jewel, but I will be twice as careful now," and chuckles.

Tarp continues, "I had just got done with my mining, and thought I would go relax with a brew and a song and a lass or two. I decided on Taelberts, an inn down Crossing way. The first round had just been downed, when I noticed ..him?" Tarp chuckles. "I guess that doesn’t fit now", he says as he shudders.

"He was with a pretty human cleric lass, and I had the barmaid give me her name, "Ketrianna", she said., and said the one she was with was Sadistaie. I couldn’t help but wonder what bond they shared to bring such a pretty one of light to one of the dark and I was just thinking about going over to introduce myself, when it happened.".

Tarp pauses, winces, then takes another swig from his stein.

A young human ranger named Tusca walked into the room, bow at the ready. In an instant, Sadistaie cast some magic upon the ranger, making him drop his bow. The room silenced.

"She appeared from nowhere it seemed. A human moonmage lass with hair the color of honey. It was only a matter of seconds that she had him subdued by her magics. Sadistaie lay at her feet. I glanced at a barmaid who whispered "Lilea" as she ducked under a corner table." I was planning on joining her", Tarp chuckles, but changed my mind after what happened next."

"Fire shone from those blue eyes, as Lilea spoke to Sadistaie. She said, "You broke your promise worm. You promised to stay away from Syia in exchange for your life. So you leave me little choice. Killing you isn’t good enough for the likes of you though.. You enjoy inflicting pain, so enjoy this."

Tarp continues slowly as he pales by the second. " Lilea glared at Sadistaie as she showed him a meat cleaver.. The glint of the blade reflected off of his dull horror-stricken eyes. Kneeling beside his pathetic form, she made quick work out of .castrating Sadistaie, and then, she wiped the blade of the cleaver across his chest. With a disgusted look on her face, she removed her gloves and wrapped that which she had removed with them, then she turned to Ketrianna and nodded.

‘Then Lilea said, " If the gelapod can’t stomache this, I’ll use it as tkt ammo", and she glanced at the gloves she held in her hand."

Tarp shivers involuntarily as he continues. "Ketrianna then kneeled hard on Sadistaie’s chest with a mischevious glint in her eyes. Reaching into her cloak she pulls a pair of clippers out. She said darkly, " Just never learn do ye Sadistaie? My daughter is not your plaything in this lifetime or any other. Since ye take such pride in those wings of your as well Sadistaie, I will take great pleasure it taking them from ye."

Tarp chuckles. " You never saw the like. The next thing I knew this lass, Ketrianna had flipped Sadistaie over pressing her knee into his back, and she ripped the cloak open to reveal his wings. Touching them with a disgusted look she placed the clippers at the base and she squeezed them quickly clipping his wing clean from his body.She tossed the bloody clippers aside and she took off his tattered cloak and wrapped the wings in it and then glanced at the ranger called Tusca."

Tarp chuckles, "Tusca began saying something about how Sadistaie should of just faced him before, so he wouldn’t have to taste the justice of women," and then Sadistaie stirred, screamed and growled in utter rage, and then began chanting a spell towards Tusca. Tusca shot his bow at the mage, dealing him a lethal hit to the chest. Sadistaie lay dead, and the authorities came and arrested the ranger immediately. He left with them without saying a word, and he held his head high, and carried a look of gratificaction upon his brow.

Tarp continues, "The two lasses glanced at each other, and with a smirk began to administer post mortum care to the corpse. I thought of asking if they needed my assistance, but then I remembered what I had just witnessed and decided that they had the matter at hand.’

Tarp finishes, " So I slipped the barmaid some kronars, and forgoing the usual kiss, I slipped out of the door and back to the safety of the mountain."