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Posted by on 2000 Aug 16 |

Tavern Troupe is back in business!

(The Provinces: Uthmor 362)

Baresh is quietly cleaning the spitoon on a sunny afternoon, when the door to the tavern swings open, and, much to his surprise, a group of folks come filing in, quietly and toting instrument cases….

Baresh asks, "Well, what do we have here?"

The procession, led by a ugly, runty, and familiar looking dwarf, quietly make their way to the stairs….

"Bubbinster! Jaggonrazor? Razzer? Giona? Roxana? Daerlynn? Zazu? What the….I thought you guys broke up?!?!" Baresh looks incredulous.

With only a wink from Bubbinster, and nothing more, the line of bards continues filing in, several new faces follow the old members of the Troupe: Domnin, Keia, Xaphira, Maiyadhin, Vtech, Blarneyrose, Aerena, Kadnur…..

Quietly the procession makes its way up the stairs, and Baresh hears them climbing up on to the roof….

Aloud to the nearest patron at the bar, he wonders, "Could it be? A reunion? The Tavern Troupe, back together again? I gotta tell the realms!"

The barkeep gets on his gweth, but before he has a chance to tap, the sudden sound of music being played, comes blaring from the rooftop, and, as he looks out the window, Baresh notices a crowd has begun to gather….Baresh drops his gweth and, with a broad smile, pulls out a dusty old sign, which, once the dust has been blown off, reads:

"Tavern Troupe is now hiring out for your event, party, or wedding! Any occasion that needs entertainment, we’re your bards! Contact Bubbinster Bladebender!"

Baresh hangs the sign up in the spot it once occupied like a permanent fixture, grinning in anticipation of the parties to come….