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Posted by on 2000 Oct 8 |

The Healerie.

(Crossing, Zoluren: Moliko 362)

My friend I wish to tell you of a wonderful new spot in the Crossing Empath’s Guild. As you know the infirmary is many times over crowded and the poor overworked empaths are blinded by noise of the wounded who come there for healing.

The Healerie is newly opened and very wonderful for the healers. It has shining life mana there as well as good holy mana for clerics if needed.

Where is this place? Why enter the Empath guild doors, take the stairs or pole down… through the doors and there you are! No waiting and always healing with a smile.

Rhook the empath liaison was kind to rally for this new area and acquired funds from a wealthy donor, so this new area could be built. My wish is that we utilize the Healerie and thank him profusely for making it possible.

My sincere thanks for listening… Damaria, the elven healer…..