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Posted by on 2000 Oct 15 |

A Curious Song

Crossing, Zoluren: 3 Akroeg 363 A young Elven lass walks into the tavern and looks around undecidedly for a while before she leaves herself on a stool with a deep sigh. She shakes her head when Baresh asks her what she wants to drink and says, ‘I am but a poor bard. I can’t afford to buy a drink here. I just came to share my story with you’. Baresh pats her on the back and says, ‘Then the drink is on me’ as he pushes a glass of Elven wine towards her, ‘Now tell me your story’.

The Elven lass’s eyes brighten as she starts speaking. ‘I had the honor of meeting Bard D’Zoluren Ilaina De’swan. I have always dreamt of being a bard, being able to sing and enchant songs. And she is one of my heroes.’ She lets out a deep sigh of contentment before she continues. ‘We didn’t talk much. She was working on her music and I asked her if she could sing for me. And guess what? She did!’The young woman giggles and then her face takes a serious look as she lowers her voice. ‘The song just made me remember what the people have been talking about in Crossings. About the old Prince and the new one…’

Baresh leans closer to her as he hears her last words. ‘Do ye remember the song?’ The woman nods slowly and begins to sing with a voice beautiful but not yet trained.

“Beautiful babes wrapped in gold, their lives peaceful indeed. With every nights dawning, a lullabye calming, they did dream.”

“They were the most beautiful of babes. I remember being asked to play for them was a joy. Of ponies, puppies, and love for them would I sing, While the soft trill of my lyre would make them giggle.”

“Beautiful boys clothed in gold, their lives full of princely lessons. With every days dawning, they took to their schooling, they did dream.”

“When it came to their lessons they were less then enthused. Young lords must learn all sorts of things, and listen well. If they did not listen a scolding they would get, And no strawberry and almond tarts would be for dinner. ”

“Handsome lads blazing with energy, their lives full of adventure. With every smile they would get their wish, they did dream. ”

“One dreamed of the day he would rule and have all he desired. The other woed the gentle lasses, and gambled just a bit. One studied and learned and listened to every little gossip. The other spent his days carefree and full of smiles for all. ”

“Handsome grown men striving for power, their lives chaotic indeed. With every nights falling, with never no calming, they did dream.”

“They followed the Prince, unerring in their duty to him. With love and devotion the one did stand by his father. The other, quiet in his contemplations, stood behind him. Watching and waiting for his oppurtunity to present itself. ”

“His oppurtunity came in a form that amazed most of us. A songstress with a doubtful background and weak tone. A plan did emerge and soon it was heard, the deathbell toll. Who did it? How? It seems we will never know exactly.”

“Handome grown man wrapped in deceit, with the other disappeared into nothingness. With every days dawning, with never no calming, the one did dream.”

The young girl clears her throat after the song and rushes out as she mumbles, ‘I have to go and practice more on my singing.’ leaving Baresh in thoughts behind her.