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Posted by on 2000 Oct 17 |

Asketi’s Ride Spooky Storytelling

(Crossing, Zoluren: 34 Akroeg 363)

A tall, slender elven female enters the bar and glances about the room. She spots a rare empty seat at the bar and takes a seat.

"The usual please Baresh," the elf says at Baresh slids the mug to her.

"I wanted to let you know of an upcoming event so you can tell your patrons," she says with a bright smile to her lips. Baresh nods and she continues.

"On 34th day of this month the Mentor Society will be hosting a spooky story contest, designed around Asketi’s Ride. Even have some prizes to hand out to the winners."

Baresh nods to the elf and smiles.

"Contestants should prepare their best entry for performance in the Amphitheatre, on October 21st, by the Olde Calendar, at 8 Elanthian Standard Time. Oh, and keep them under 5 minutes. The judges will be looking for the quality of your performance, story content, accuracy with Asketi’s Ride theories, and spook factor, of course!"

"This will be quite a social event, and many people will be turning out just to hear the accumulated tales from Elanthia’s best."

The elf rises and heads toward the door, she turns back toward the bar and grins.

"Wonderful company as usual Baresh, though we must get you to talk more in these conversations."

The elf giggles as she vanishes through the door.