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Posted by on 2000 Oct 30 |

Buttons for Bards

(Crossing, Zoluren: 68 Ka’len 363)

A small boy slowly pushes open the door to the tavern and enters limping slightly. He glances at Baresh nervously and makes his way over to one of the bar stools and climbs up.

"Hi hi, Baresh! My names Deru ye prolly dun know me, but mebbe ye knows my dad Sephirin." Baresh chuckles and nods to the boy.

"Ye have some news, or does Seph’ need another tankard of ale?"

Deru laughs and continues "Nay, my dad has plenty of ale but I do haff some news. Yesterday I was sitting abouts the bard guild looking fer someone to heal when I noticed a lady by the name of Silynsa that I had neffer seen before. I heal often in the guild and know most of da’ faces."

Baresh nods to Deru and quickly fills a glass of lemonaid for the empath.

"Anyways I greeted her friendly like and I noticed that she was in the process of sewing some buttons onto a young bards robes. I smiled at her and we talked fer a little while. She told me dat’ a man in Shard, she wouldn’t tell me who cause she said someone might steal her buisness, made buttons with a pressing machine and that she was a seamstress and was replacing old buttons and putting on new ones."

Baresh hands the glass of lemonaid to Deru and he takes a big sip before continuing.

"After sewing a couple items from the bards present in the guild, she said that she jus’ made enuff money to spend the week in Crossings before returning to Shard." Deru takes a big gulp and finishes his lemonaid and smiles at Baresh. "Wull thats pretty much it, I jus’ thought ye would like tah know."

Baresh then watches Deru hop off the stool and walk twards the door. He turns just before leaving looking quite sheepish and says. "Ohh Baresh if ye would put the lemonaid on me dad’s tab please."

He grins and then leaves. Baresh then pulls out a huge roll of parchment and chuckles as he sees’ the tabs’ final total. He puts it away without marking another thing on it.