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Posted by on 2001 Jan 20 |

Dirge Council Notes From the Time of the Return of Prince Vorclaf

(324 Dolefaren 363)

This being an excerpt of the official notes of the Dirge Council, led by Moridazi Neus surrounding the time and events that led to the restoration of the Throne of Zoluren to the rightful Prince, Vorclaf Sorvendig. Circa 363 AV.

Lord Vorclaf comes out of hiding and wishes to place Lord Sirolarn, who is now Prince, under arrest. While the Council hasn’t given their full support to Lord Vorclaf at this time, they still acknowledge his birthright to rule and will assist in getting Lord Sirolarn out of the keep so he can be fairly tried. Vorclaf, when asked about Sirolarn moving the Council from Leth Deriel to Dirge, replied that some mistakes were made and he will see that they are undone.

336 Dolefarin 363- In order to find out exactly what happened during the Darkensi ransom situation, a special council has been formed by council members, Kzin, Cineris and Lilathe. They are to determine exactly what happened and if any Council Member wrongdoing occurred during this incident.

357 Dolefarin 363- Lord Vorclaf asks the council to send three emissaries into Ulf’hara Keep in order to ask Lord Sirolarn if he would give himself up peacefully. Minister Selthanos, Minister Amras and Council Emissary Marietta enter the keep to pass Lord Sirolarn the message. Lord Sirolarn refuses to give up the crown and becomes enraged, taking Marietta hostage. As Lord Sirolarn rushes to leave the room, he slits Marietta’s throat with a poison dagger. Marietta dies of the wound shortly after.

Lord Sirolarn rushes by everyone waiting outside the keep and attempts to evade capture by running to Ilithi. He is stopped at the northern platform to the gondola by Minister Amras, Minister Selthanos and Representative Pureblade with help from others and was arrested by Commander Jorta. Lord Sirolarn is now sitting comfortably in the dungeon of Ulf’Hara Keep awaiting trial.