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Posted by on 2000 Dec 5 |

Dwarven worries

(Crossing, Zoluren: 213 Arhat 363)

Baresh looks up at a loud crash in one of the corner booths. The laughs can be heard over the din of the very large crowd at the bar. Baresh suspecting a fight or worse walks over club in hand.

Baresh soon sees a group of dwarves more drunk then usual laughing a singing old dwarven songs. One of the dwarves stands out only because of his silence, the broken glass bottle in his hand and the hard look creasing his features.

With concern Baresh steps up to the dwarf

"Grimslayer what concerns you so that you are not enjoying the company of your fellows" He asks.

Grim looks up as if woke from a dream. "The war concerns me friend. We dwarves have been organized for months. We are ready, but i look around and I see that the majority of Elanthia is lacking some don’t even know the war comes.

I have sat in on the war councils of the dwarves. I know that this wont be like the small invasions of the past. Whole families will be put to the sword. Our armies may be crushed under Sorrows iron boot. Our plans may all be for naught, If things don’t change.

Only the organized will survive this war. It has been the mob who has turned back the invasions of the past yet the mob is are greatest handicap now. Me and my dwarven fellows are strong but we are not enough."

Grim is interrupted by his friend Bubbinster who laughs "Grim we all know what is coming stop being so serious and give us a song.

Grim smiles standing he turns to the door.

The assembled dwarves get strangely quiet. As he reaches the door Grim starts to sing.

In the beginning in the presence of Kertigan i sprang from the earth through cracks in the mountain. Thus i was born from the comfort of darkness and the cradle of stone.

In life with Kertigan at my side I walk upon the earth and across the mountain.I grow beneath the light with the strength of stone.

In death carried in the arms of Kertigan i shall fly above the earth and over the mountain.I shall pass into the light to rest forever upon the coolness and in the security of stone.

"What was that!" Baresh asked as he walked back to the bar.

Bubbinster sighing almost a whisper "It was his Death song friend Baresh" But baresh had moved on to another customer.