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Posted by on 2000 Nov 6 |

Dwarves of Stone Clan march through Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 95 Lirisa 363)

A bleary-eyed dwarf enters the bar and painfully pulls herself up on a stool. Her plate clanks, and she winces as though in great pain.

"The usual dwarven ale, Towena?" asks Baresh

Towena shakes her head, then looks ill and nearly falls off the stool. She grunts painfully, then says "A shot of hangover cure, if ye please Baresh."

Baresh blinks, then nods sympathetically and slides the requested item across the bar. The dwarf downs it immediately, then seems to relax

"Ah, twas a night to remember, Baresh." Towena smiles.

"Over fifty of me Dwarven kin met at Stone Clan, then marched through Crossing in a show of unity."

"Of course, as at any Dwarven meeting, there was plenty o ale. Bard Bubbinster brought an entire wagon full, and was picking up kin on the way to the Clan. Somehow, most of that wagonful of ale never quite made it there." Towena winces at the memory.

"Fortunately, others came prepared with more."

"After much merrymaking, we practiced a Dwarven Stomp with the kin who had not performed one before, and set off for Crossing."

Towena chuckles. "I understand the sound of our feet was heard clear to Reavers."

"With Marshal Hegemonic leading the way, we circled the town green a few times. Others joined us in our travels, including many from the other races!." The dwaf beams.

"Then, we headed back to the Clan, where it many fell asleep due to excessive, errr, tiredness."

"I wish ye could have been there, Baresh"

Towena grins, drops some coins on the counter, hops of the stool and leaves the bar, wobbling only slightly as she heads out the door.