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Posted by on 2000 Nov 7 |

Halfstaff to Chronicle Gnome Arrivals in Elanthia

(The Provinces: 98 Lirisa 363)

A gnome paladin, clad in heavy plate armor, pushed past the tavern door and strided toward the bar. Snickers echoed throughout the room as the gnome climbed atop a sturdy looking barstool and was met by the smiling face of Baresh.

"G’day sir!" Baresh flashed a toothy grin at the tiny paladin.

"And tae thee as well", Halfstaff politely tipped his hat to the renowned bartender.

"What can I get for you this fine day?" Baresh glanced at the gnome and continued to dry the shot glasses stacked next to him.

"Hmm.." Halfstaff pondered. "Brandy", Halfstaff nodded to himself. "Yes, Brandy will do quite nicely. Questing is thirsty work after all."

"Quest?" Baresh cut his eyes at Halfstaff suspiciously, then placed a snifter of brandy in front of the gnome. "Pray tell..what great quest have the Paladin leaders sent you on?"

Halfstaff chuckled as he peered up at Baresh, then lifted the snifter and warmed it between his hands. "No great quest Baresh, and not commissioned by any paladin leader either. Mine is a simple quest for knowlege."

"Very interesting." Baresh nodded politely as he wiped down the bar. "What knowlege do you seek?"

"Well..", Halfstaff swirled the brandy in the snifter, then drained the glass. "As you may or may not know, us gnomes suffer from a type of amnesia."

Baresh peered quizically at Halfstaff and scratched his head. "Amnesia ya say?"

Halfstaff nodded. "Aye, upon reaching your fine lands here in Elanthia, it seems nearly all the knowlege of our homelands was whisked clean from our wee minds. Some evil trickery has been visited upon us..o’that I am certain."

Baresh gasped! "Ye jest with me..surely!"

"Nae"..Halfstaff sighed.. "t’is true I speak Baresh. T’is why I am making this quest. My goal is tae seek out the earliest o’me kin tae arrive here in Elanthia. My hopes are that they may remember our homeland, our traditions and gods. Mayhaps I’ll even run across Trimbolt the seer. Surely one such as he would have the knowlege I seek."

"Why…" Baresh gazed off in the distance as if calculating something.. "Such a quest might take you just this side of forever. You’d have to speak with nearly every gnome and record their arrival dates before you could even determine who were the earliest arrivals."

"True Baresh, but such is the course I’ve set. At the very least, I’ll have a list in chronological order of our arrival onto Elanthian soil, and that in itself is a fine reward I should think."

"Is there anything I might do to aid you in your quest?" Baresh smiled and refilled the snifter.

"Well.." Halfstaff grinned at Baresh as he lifted the snifter to his lips and gulped back the brandy. "You might inform any gnomes that wander into your tavern that I will be roaming the provinces searching them out."

Baresh nodded.

Halfstaff continued "You might also mention that they can travel down to Shard and head over to the old Gorbesh Fort south of town. We meet there on thursday eve’s..around 9 pm by the reckoning o’the eastern shore. Should be a good place tae gather information as well."

Halfstaff guzzled down the last of the brandy, then wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and handed the snifter to Baresh. "Thank you kindly for the brandy Baresh."

Baresh smiled. "A fine quest if ever I heard one. I wish you well, and remember, you can always find a warm fire, a comfortable chair, and something to quench your thirst should you find yourself in the area again."

Halfstaff grinned..tossed a platinum dokora on the counter, then hopped down off the barstool. With a humble bow to Baresh, he turned and pushed his way past the tavern door.