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Posted by on 2000 Oct 31 |

Healerie isn’t just for show

(Crossing, Zoluren: 73 Ka’len 363)

A young Elven boy walks into the bar and pulls up a stool. He waves Baresh over and waits in silence while Baresh finishes talking to another customer until he finally comes over.

"One Death Spirit Grog please," the Elven boy quietly says. Baresh quickly serves the boy. Baresh finally notices that this boys body is covered with all sorts of wounds and scars.

"Ye better get yurself over to the Empath’s they’ll take good care of thee," Baresh says in a hearty and cheerful voice.

"I came from the Empath Guild trying to escape the chaos over there. Screams and yells come from everwhere as I sit there trying to figure out who to heal next. Then, I found refuge down the stairs and through the doors to the Healerie. Wonderful mana and a quiet atmosphere surrounded me as I walked through the doors. That place down the stairs is of great help to me. Anyone is free to come down the stairs or slide down the pole. You can escape the chaos of screams and yells and get what you came to get. Healed."

With that, the young Elven boy pays his kronars and waves to Baresh with a slight smile. On his way to the door the boy twitches a sign of the wounds and scars on his body.