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Posted by on 2000 Dec 1 |

Impending War

(Crossing, Zoluren: 194 Uthmor 363)

Hardened and weary eyes peruse the bar and gaze at the tired patrons that sit and find respite in their ales. Whispering to each other and feeling the qualms of days past and she knows, by taste, the touch of instability and fear that hangs within the air. With her small dirty hands she unruffles her dark chestnut hair that is strewn unkepmt about her face and solemnly stand before the room.

Closing her eyes she bows her head and breaths, "Upon past purports, some have sought and found me and asked… ‘Why do you constantly speak of war? Do you wish it upon us?’ For I do not… I abide for peace and chase it as a hungry wolf chases a meal after weeks of starvation. Upon with weariness and a yearning."

Arathelle opens her eyes and scans the faces of the crowd and a balding man says up from his council of ale mugs, "Girl, what are you talking about?"

She quickly intones, "The war… It seems to me that all are preparing for it, organizing, training. Much is being done, and not all know." Softly her eyes narrow, "Crossing is looking for commanders, citizens are banding together, families are drawing blades they have long since hid, and the secret Councils whisper to each other in dark chambers."

A smiling freckle faced lass that had been sitting quietly spoke, "What war? Who? When? Whatcha mean lady?"

"Sorrow has already built many barricades and all know of his plans to attack the entirety of Elanthia. Rumors of the Rakash working with him. Rumors of the Gorbesh, Visions, Predictions, not to even Mention Tamerlane, the Daughter of Darkness, or any of the dozen of Mercenaries… And it is a time for war. The Evils that plague Elanthia have been quietly sitting and preparing, growing. As Sorrow has… while the rest… Crossing, Theren, everyplace… has barely moved. Not organized, not worked together. Little time is left and what is left is exremely rare and precious. We need to get these groups together quickly. And TEACH them how to stand together…"

Arathelle shakes her head sadly and continues, "The previous invasions, the daft clumsiness of those brute force fronts… Those will not work… There won’t be a point of single penetration where all may amass and fight. There will be many fronts and we need to learn to work together, to slow the numbers that will fall, and to train the young to help instead of running."

"Many already speak of Guild unity.. and say to start there in such a way that it may spread… And that is good and I support it whole heartedly, but we do not have that much time."

"We Need to find Paladins that are willing to lead others into battle, Bards that are willing to gift others with their powers, Empaths that can stand on the front lines so bolster the hurt, Rangers that can flank, Moonies to give their pre-war divinations, Traders to drag out the stunned, Warmies to stand as second waves to set the crippling blows supported by clerics and the Shadows to offset balance for Barbs that take them toe to toe..," She sighs. "But that is all very obtuse and just a basic scheme. For Platoons will need to be made, and reinforcements trained to come in after the enemy has engaged thus to flank them. And platoons upon platoons as reserves. We can’t have that clumsy struggle. And not all will have the opportunity to be a part of the Crossing Legions."

"I ask… that all groups that are training… seek the others, Find them, learn and teach each other. If this is not handled as it should be… I predict now… this will be the war that changes the face of Elanthia,.. and not for the better. We have worked too much to see it fall under devastation. Let us protect it."

"So far Zoluren is Training Corps, Gurt is organizing forces, Lukka is uniting the Bards, The Stone Clan Militia is Training, Deathpick can be found if you wish to join the Dragon Shields an official Elanthian order, Thangor can be reached if you wish to protect, Amras can be sought of the Dirge council, and if you wish you may find me, I am Arathelle and I am in Crossing, if you seek further guidance."

"For years upon years many have been here, forging families, making friends, building a life here of true art that not even the best of Artisans can duplicate. We grow and work and become the best at what we do. We shape the world as we see fit to make it."

"And I do not believe we wish to see it fall… The Traders have given us means to build a new temple in all of its splendors, I do not wish to see it lost again."

"By oneself… NONE can ever hope or dream of conquoring all the evils of Elanthia and making this a safe place, but united. Shoulder to shoulder… together, nothing could divert our will. Take your loved ones, your families, your friends, and protect them by teaching them how to work together. Find those groups that already train and ask to learn from them. And it honestly is that simple… for all to work together under the same goals. Even the smallest of circles can help and aid and be heroes and heroines and save Elanthia from destruction. We are more than Elanthian citizens. For we are Elanthia’s guardians.

"We can do so much… It is time to put all those selfish things behind us, and be who we envisioned ourselves to be. The Heroes of Elanthia."