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Posted by on 2001 Apr 7 |

King Fade raids Riverhaven

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Skullcleaver 363)

"Ev’n Baresh." You look up to see a bloodied and wounded man walk into the bar. Baresh peers quizzically at the man’s wounds. "You alright there?" he asks "Ah yes," replies the man "The name’s Ondrej, an’ I just been cleanin’ some of the fine people of Riverhaven up after what happened yesterday."

Baresh looks interested. "So what happened" he asks.

Ondrej looks pensive. "Well I heard several different stories, but when it all comes down, they follow the same thread. Seems there is this guy named Fade. Some say that he is a king, others say he is no more than a typical thug. I’m inclined to believe the latter, as he se to have an army of alley thugs from the various races. Perhaps you saw the signs yesterday of "*A gor’tog alley thug was just struck down*" or "* a Human alley thug was just struck down*"

"Well I can’t say for certain how many he had with him, but he took a force into Haven and started causing havoc. The general consensus among the residents of Haven is that he came to take back the food that was owed to him by Haven. It was heard on the gweths that he was talking to his troops and was heard to say ‘Ok boys, we got what we came for, now lets get out of here’ and other things that would be associated with a raid for food."

"Anyway, the price of the battle was high….his men had poisoned daggers and bolts that killed many a brave defender. However they were not strong enough to o’ercome the valiant defenders of the city. They fled, leaving behind their rough cloaks, that for some strange reason, couldn’t be worn."

"Welp, Baresh, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of him…..I’d advise the people of the Barony to be wary. But now I must be on my way, I have a friend to meet."

He waves to Baresh and limps out.