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Posted by on 2001 Apr 8 |

Kor Strikes Again

(Crossing, Zoluren: 309 Skullcleaver 364)

A bardess steps quietly into the bar and smiles wearily at Baresh. She places her palm down on the counter, leaving a gold behind. "A shot of ye’r best," she says, with her fine, singer’s voice. "And a tale t’ pass on, for wary ears." As Baresh leaned on the counter, she began to speak.

Twas with trepidation Starlighte let myself t’ Riverhaven, hearing that a new lass with a dragon birthmark might be in danger there. Grisania, a ranger, bore the same mark that brought the S’kra Kor warriors and shamen after Chollete and Fyffe.

We walked into a town that seemed to be quiet. It was deceptive. Paschein and Blasword and other brave adventures had talked Grisania into accompanying them to safety in the Crossing after a brief skirmish with the S’kra Kor earlier, but we did not know that. While looking for her, a portal opened at the Empath guild and warrior after warrior stepped out.

With cries and curses, they attacked, and the dead fell. Even as a fireball tore me in two, my dying ears hear Kyrstk tell the Kor that Grisania was being moved and to go after her. Shortly after, as the living bravely tending, out numbered for the dying, Paschein and Blasword returned. His banner had expired and before he could cast again, the Kor stole Grisania from the ferry.

My soul lay quietly, waiting for the tender mercies of the clerics, empaths and paladins working to save all of us. I thought of the young moon mage lass I’d met on the Town Green who’d also carried such a mark. And, I thought of the fireball spell…and the one known as Krirlin down in Shard who seemed to be aiding the S’kra Kor. That Fireball was all too reminescent of the death that hit me from the hands of the Necromancer Keralin. Could he and Krirlin be one and the same? And if so…who was he looking to Raise in Shard? and why did they need a handful of lasses with a dragon birthmark?

I Rose from the dead with uneasy thoughts, Baresh. Even your good whiskey is not likely to wash them away.