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Posted by on 2000 Oct 20 |

New Times for the Prymera Pryde Meetings

(Crossing, Zoluren: 28 Akroeg 363)

A silvery prydean thi… er… bard walks silently into the bar. After glancing around for a moment she takes a seat at the bar and pulls back the hood of her cloak, revealing peircing cat-slitted jade eyes and a long honey mane. "Baresh, I’ll take a catmint tea, I hear they’re the best in the city."

She picks up her drink and takes a sip, "Not bad, but that’s not the only reason I came here." Baresh chuckles, while she continues, "My name’s Lailana, and I hear you can get the word out about almost anything. Well, as I’m guessing you know, the Prymera Pryde meets every Tuesday at 8 Est. Well due to Humm’s problems with the time, we’re adding an additional meeting on Saturdays at 6 Est. We’re hoping it’ll atract a few new members."

"That’s really all I have news on right now, but I’ll try to stop by more often." Taking the last sip of her tea she adds, "With drinks and company like this I won’t be able to stay away." Giving Baresh a smile, she gets up from the bar and turns the hood of her cloak back up. Quickly dropping a few gold coins on the bar, she walks out as quietly as she came in.