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Posted by on 2000 Nov 19 |

News from Elanthia

(The Provinces: 147 Shorka 363)

Well, the lands are beginning to see activity again on quite a few fronts, and while I honestly know little enough about any of them, I’ll at least try to share what I know about each.

In M’Riss there are rumors of a deadly fog that leaves diseases on people after envoloping them, attacking along with shadow hounds and a few other assorted attackers. The disease is tough enough to challenge and even defeat the best empaths on M’Riss at times.

In Crossing there have been increasing invasions by creatures including dust ogres, shadowhounds, and others.

There is word that another shadowmaster was found and killed recently, the spell Dazzle being found extremely useful against them in the process.

In Sorrow’s Reach recently, Sidhlot woke recently, drained soul of those Bards whose trinkets he has from previous ‘visits’. He was continually located in Sorrow’s Keep Recieving Hall with the ring of hair(from the Bards), a bowl of some kind, and a few candles. A later Locate showed an Elven apparation in the room with him, and then the next one showed a broken bowl, ashes instead of the hair, and the necromancer and apparation gone. In the soul drains, Dreamheart died, so perhaps she can give a first or second hand account next time she visits in the tavern, whereas mine is third at best.

The Crossing Clerical Guildleader Tallis is moving up in the world…Prince Sirolarn has appointed her Head Priestess of Zoluren, to reside in the soon-to-be-complete Temple. Unfortunately, the Prince himself could not be present citing illness, but a messenger conveyed the news.

There are likely other stories, so any other visitors please post them, but that’s all I can think of for right now. Hope this helps everyone out a bit, and will fill in the details.