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Posted by on 2001 Mar 7 |

Rat,once again

(Crossing, Zoluren: 178 Uthmor 364)

Two dwarven men come stumbling through the commons room,one is Gavish Orehammer,the other being Goraen Herbweaver,covered in slime and filth,with some fleas aboard.

"Allo there,Baresh,we met Aedell,or Rat as we known em again!"

They clambered up onto the stools,grinning widely.

Gavish starts "Well,the rats once again came through the crossing,not as large as a horde as before,but many! Well,me,me brudder here.." He slaps Goraen upon his back "And Telein,the war mage,went off a looking for him,for Myself and Quelgash the Ranger had retrieved about thirty seven golden apples for him"

Goraen jumps in "Yes! Well,he was attacked by a mean man named Kahn,and Telein dragged him down to the sewers with us quickly in tow. Aedell was very shaken at the attack,but survived. With many thanks for the large amount of apples,he,myself,Telein,Gavish here,a s’kra woman, and a halfling followed him as he took us to his tunnel home. Which,on the way,he gave us a suprise..Tuffy! Tuffy the alligator! A big ole one,but didnt hurt us..just ate the silverfish for us!"

Gavish grins,nodding. "Yes,me brudder seems to like that thing alot. Well anyways,we explained to him,after he healed us from disease, that he couldnt keep bring the rats up there. Well,we devised a plan. Telein had a fishbone and gave it to Rat(Aedell),and we explained the effects. Rat agreed to it(saying that he would feed the bone after he broke it to his rats)."

Goraen chuckles "Yes,hes a very friendly and intelligent,if somewhat naieve, person. Hes a very kind man,with the powers of us empaths. He should be treated with respect!"

Gavish nods "Ive taken a liking to that boy,so ye nae harm him. And,he said he would help me find me lost rat,Blackie,which I lost many a year ago in me mountain home. Watch for the Gator,though,he nae like strangers much,only reason I believe he didnt attack was because of Rat."

Goraen nods,pulling a flask from his belt and taking a long draw. "Yes,he has a wonderful place,well,for a sewer that is. Hes very intriguing,so if ye ever down in the sewers,leave a golden apple! It just may stop the rats from looking!"