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Posted by on 2000 Dec 22 |

Sadiaer’s Comet

(Crossing, Zoluren: 278 Moliko 363)

I have heard no details, but everyone across the Realms paused for a moment to note that one of the comets flying on the way to that final Starry Walk into the Void belonged to Sadiaer tonight.

Sorrow himself seemed a little perturbed at the "inconvenience" and sent two full companies and some to exact his revenge upon the Crossing.

His troops were routed and were last seen with their proverbial tails tucked between their legs and retreating as fast as they could up the Northern Trade route to that thrice-damned impenetrable barricade.

This small victory was not without considerable loss to Crossing defenders and Zoluren units.

Personally, I look forward to hearing any details about how Sadiaer ended up on the short side of the Starry Road.

Was it Zoluren forces? Skilled Citizens? Or was it some treachery from Sorrow or one of his other henchmen?