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Posted by on 2001 Apr 3 |

The Kaldar try to rebuild

(Dirge, Zoluren: 289 Skullcleaver 364)

Baresh hears a noise and turns around to see a familiar ginger-haired Kaldar with piercing crystal green eyes walking in the bar, grinning widely. "I have some exciting news, Baresh."

"Hail Coine, what news have ye for me?" Baresh asks as he pours her some Skullcrusher Whiskey.

Taking a sip, Coine says, "As you know, our familes left the Gorbesh lands in the year 357 in search of Lanival the Dragon. We arrived here with the Gorbesh hot on our heels. It has been a major exercise finding any of our scattered tribespeople, but a few of us have managed to band together as a family again."

Baresh nods and says, "Aye, I remember those years when the Gorbesh were trying to invade our lands…they were driven out, though." Baresh chortles at some secret joke. "So what is your news?"

Downing the last of her whiskey and setting a gold coin on the bar as payment, Coine asks, "May I post it on your board?" Baresh nods.

Coine gets out a silver-embossed parchment and tacks it to the notice board. Turning to wave to Baresh, her spidersilk greatcloak swirls as the door opens and she steps out into the night.

Baresh walks over to the board to read the parchment.

A silver-edged parchment reads:

"The Heart of the Kaldar meets now at the old Gorbesh Fortress outside of Dirge. Meeting time is 9PM EST on alternating Tuesdays Elanthian standard time. All Kaldar are invited to come and be a part of this event. Please visit and sign up for HeartoftheKaldar for more information."