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Posted by on 2001 Feb 1 |

Trouble North of Langenfirth

(Therengia: 42 Skullcleaver 364)

It was truly a strange night. I sat alone near an old eucalyptus tree, just north of Langenfirth, and all of a sudden a rock troll wanders into the area. The day was foggy, but the battle still wasn’t difficult, and I won.

But I still didn’t know why it was there. Suddenly I glanced to the south and noticed three more! I didn’t see any help coming at the time of morning that it was, so I engaged. The trolls weren’t too bad, but suddenly a giant stormed into the room. A rock guardian. They proved too much for me, and upon my return I found only a few scattered rock trolls. I’m going to continue looking into this, as I don’t believe anyone else saw it, but where can a 20 foot tall troll go anyway?


a lil’ Ranger